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Fixing the leaky roof for drawdown clients

If you have clients in drawdown created without a robust withdrawal strategy in place, what should you be doing now?

The current market downturn has, yet again, exposed the logical fallacy of using straight-line projections for decumulation.

For advisers and clients who based their decumulation plans on straight-line cash-flow projections, it’s raining. And sadly, your roof might be leaking! 

The thing with having a leaky roof is when it’s pouring down, it focuses the mind and forces us to take action.  

So, what to do now? - A 3-Point Plan

1. Undertake a robust reassessment of the withdrawal strategy.

2. Automate ongoing drawdown process as market conditions change .

3. Coach clients through the downturn.

About Timeline

Timeline transforms extensive, empirical asset class and longevity data into a visually dynamic, easy-to-understand story for clients. Their story.

Show clients how not to run out of money – create a robust, sustainable withdrawal strategy

  • Demonstrate the impact of asset allocation, rebalancing, glidepaths, fees, and taxes
  • Use interactive fire-drills to prepare clients for market declines
  • Illustrate longevity risk and show clients the probability of outliving their portfolio
  • Craft a personalised withdrawal policy statement for clients within minutes

Unleash decades of empirical data, research, and help bring a client’s retirement journey to life.

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